Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Emily, July 7

Yesterday we left Nana and Grandpa’s house.  When we were there we watched a movie and I forgot what the movie was called but it had a bunch of kids and there were trying to find pirate gold.  I read books behind the chair when we were watching the movie because the movie was really scary.  Also we went over to Uncle Roger and Uncle Kenny’s houses.  I ate cake at Uncle Roger’s house.  And I cooked marshmallows at Uncle Roger’s house.  And Sam kept on burning marshmallows and giving them to other people.  And almost everybody didn’t want one but I took one.  And when I went to Uncle Kenny’s house he didn’t have the trampoline.  And that’s all.

The drive yesterday was really long, and I got to play on Evan’s Gameboy.  I got to play Gumby.   And we went to a boat dock.  And then we had to go to our hotel.  And Evan slept on the couch.  

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