Sunday, July 13, 2008

Evan July 13

Yesterday, the most interesting thing was the wind.  It was really strong and it blew me back, and when my back was to the wind since I’ve been sitting in the car I ran really slow but the wind made me go really fast and I almost fell over.  We saw lots of rolling
hills in North Dakota and the grass was like a green ocean because of the wind.  Because it was swaying and the waves were all moving around.  The day was long and slow because it looked like the car was going really slow because the hills were all the same.  And it was long because we drove 650 miles.  

The eagle was at our hotel. She was going to some eagle thing and was staying the night with her people.  Cool!  The people were nice - we talked to them at the pool later.  

This morning I woke up, and had a waffle - it was good.  The most interesting thing today was the weeping wall in Glacier National Park.  Because it was a long like wall that was made out of rocks, and it was not man-made.  And it had a whole bunch of little waterfalls that sprayed our car (and me.)  And today we saw a moose, well mom saw a moose.   Because there was a whole bunch of cars parked so that we couldn’t go through and so dad told mom to go and see what it was.    

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