Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emily, July 10

It was really boring today.  Dad woke me up and I was cold and freezing ‘cause I didn’t have any blankets only a sleeping bag and that’s all.  The boat ride was boring too.  Even I tried to go to sleep on the boat, but I didn’t sleep not even an eensy bit.  But I got to go to the front and that was boring too.  Then we went out of the boat and then we went to the coffee shop so we could go to the bathroom and me and Allison and Evan all ran into the bathroom at the same time.  And then we all went pee.  And then we went out of the coffee shop and drove a long time and then we all got out at Dairy Queen and it was still raining.  And then we stopped and people had to investigate our car and Mommy said that they poked every single pair of our underwear.  And then we went to a gas station.  And then we’re driving again until we get to a motel and I don’t know which one.  And now it’s Evan’s turn to bloggy blog blog.  And that’s all.  

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