Thursday, July 10, 2008

Evan, July 9

Yesterday we woke up and got on a ferry.  The ferry moved by a cable so the ferry wouldn’t float away down the river - I mean lake.  It was Lake Champlain.  When we got off teh ferry we went to Fort Ticonderoga.  My favorite part was the cannons.  Three of them could fit a person in it.  It would be interesting to be shot from a cannon - maybe.  The rest of New York was kind of boring because we were just driving and driving and stuff.   We got to the border of Canada and we could see the mist of Niagara Falls.  When we got over the border we saw this funky casino and a bunch of weird buildings and the Skylon Tower which had a bunch of annoying advertisements.  We went to the Apollo Diner and then we went to bed.


We were in Canada.  I couldn’t sleep because Emily kept putting her feet all over me and so was Allison so it was like ropes all over me.  And then I woke up in the middle of tthe night and Allison said, “But I only have five dollars” and Emily snored.  We got up and packed the car full and then we left it and went to see the falls.  And we went on a boat that was called Maid of the Mist VII.  We got super wet and we persuaded Dad to come on but he wouldn’t go because he was scared.  And then we went to the gift shop and I got a carabiner with a flashlight and a whistle.   And then we went back to the car and we drove off to some Dairy Queen in the middle of nowhere and we got ice cream.  And then we left there and here we are driving.  And we’re planning on going on a ferry tonight or tomorrow morning.  That’s all for today. 

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endangered coffee said...

Hey Evan,

You definitely sound like your Dad's son!

Good to see you and the rest of the family when you were in Massachusetts. Someday, Carrie, Ethan and I will make it out to Oregon.