Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emily, July 9

Yesterday, we went on the ferry across the river.  I liked the ride.  We took a picture of me, Evan and Allison.  And then we went to New York and Fort Ticonderoga.  I liked watching the flags go up, ‘cause all the flags were different.  And then we went to Canada.  And saw the waterfalls.  And they were lit up with lights.  And Allison weared Evan’s coat.  

Today we went to the car and had pop tarts for breakfast.  And then we went to see the waterfall and we took a boat ride in between them and Daddy didn’t go because he had to stay with the dog because the dog was not allowed.  The boat ride was really fun.  Then we went to the gift shop and I got a package of mints.  And Allison and Evan got one mint ‘cause I gave one to them.   And Mommy and Daddy didn’t want one and Allison gave hers to Evan after she had a taste of it and so Evan got two.  And that’s all. 

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