Friday, June 27, 2008

Mom, June 27

There are no VW dealerships in Jamestown, NY.  Nor VW mechanics.  But, according to the most esteemed mechanic in Jamestown (pop. ), it’s ok to drive with your check engine light on, as long as it isn’t blinking.  At least on GM vehicles.  Not a lot of options, so we checked the gas cap, oil, and any other fluids that we could, and since everything looked fine and the van was still running well, we decided to press on. 

We headed back to the Alleganys and Hwy 6 in Pennsylvania, intending to take it across the state, but there was a detour that took us back north, so we just kept going back into NY near Eldred and got on Hwy 417, and then Hwy 17.  After that, to save time, we just got on the turnpike.   

Made it in about 8:00 pm local time.   Tomorrow (or Monday), the mechanic!

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