Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mom, July 15

Day 9:  Ontario OR to Home.  For our route - we took Hwy 20 west out of Ontario, then at Riley we took Hwy 395 south until it intersected County road 5-14 and headed west through Christmas Valley.  We had to jog around a little on County road 5-10 until we hit Hwy 31 N, which met up with Hwy 97 S.  After that, the Crescent cut-off to Hwy 58 and home. 
Yes, we are home - finally.  And in quite a few ways, I'm going to miss being on the road.    It was lovely to sleep in my own bed last night though - I won't miss hotel beds!  I will miss the ice cream every day, but I think I need to be getting more exercise before I start that again - I gained 10 pounds over this vacation.   :)    Over all, a great trip, and it has given us lots of places to want to visit for longer.
So, the stats:
Van, fully loaded....5500 pounds
Miles driven....7,141
Tanks of gas...23
Average mileage....19.3 mpg

Evan, July 15

Last night we got to a Sleep Inn very tired, but we ate dinner at the Winger’s next door.  And then we swam in a pool inside the Sleep Inn.  And we swam for like 45 minutes.  When we got back, Mom tried to take a picture of us while we were changing, and we hid by the door - if someone tried to open the door we would be not very happy.  

Today the most interesting thing is that we’re almost home.  It's like, I think, 34 miles by now to home.  And we crossed the desert today - very hilly.  We went through a different part of it before but this part looks a lot like the same.  We saw a whole lot of mountains, and a whole bunch of really big rocks - about as long as the mountains. 

The whole trip was really really really really really fun.  I want to do it again next year.  I’m done.

Emily, July 15

Last night we stayed in Oregon.  And swam in the pool.  And when we came back Mom tried to take a picture of us naked, but all she got was a picture of Dad.  And we were all trying to hide by the door.  It was funny.  

Today we got up and I was the last one to get up and then we we drove for a really long time and then I played on the Gameboy and I had to pass it back to Allison so she could play on  the Gameboy and then I got another turn on the Gameboy.  And then we stopped and we had a bathroom break.  I saw a Dairy Queen, actually I saw two.  And I saw the snow mountains, and cows and horses and a whole bunch of trees.  And a rock jumped up on our window.  I thought it was a balloon popping.  It made a giant mark.  And we’re almost home, and I’m excited - I don’t know why, I just am.  And that’s all.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mom, July 14

Day 8:  Kalispell MT to Ontario OR.  OREGON!  Whee!  No more pumping gas, sales tax, and at least I'm used to the ways people drive like idiots here.  :)  So this morning, we left Kalispell and it's lovely little historic hotel and drove south on Hwy 93 around Flathead Lake (which is beautiful) and then along the Mission Mountains (which are amazing too).  At Missoula, we took off on Hwy 12 over the Lolo pass.  I used to work at the Selway Ranger Station, about three miles off the highway, and it brought back quite a few memories.  We didn't head up to the Ranger Station, but kept going and turned at Kooskia onto Hwy 95 all the way to Ontario.  Tomorrow (hopefully) = Home.

Evan July 14

The most interesting thing today was that it was 102 degrees in Idaho when we were there.  It was so hot!  Especially with a black shirt on.  Today we went over Lolo Pass and it was a very twisty road and Mom used to work near there.  We would saw very big rocks in a rapids on a river near the highway.  I really wanna go rafting when we go home.  I don’t want to think about it...then I’ll want to do it more!  Tomorrow there is a 99% chance we’ll get home.  Unless we get 4 flats and we only got one spare.  We were in three states today...Montana, Idaho and Oregon.  That’s enough for today.

Emily, July 14

Today we woke up and got packed up and ate breakfast at the hotel.  I got blueberry yogurt but I didn’t like it.  It just didn’t taste right.  We drove for a really long time.  I played the game-boy once.  I tried to do crow’s feet but it didn’t work.  We went over Lolo Pass and it was fun because we got to stop at rivers.  We threw sticks in the river.  It was a twisty ride but I didn’t get carsick. We are in Oregon and it’s great because we are almost home!  

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mom, July 13

Day 7:  Havre MT to Kalispell MT.  Not so much distance, and we stopped early since the next town's dog-friendly hotel was booked up.  Glacier was beautiful, but a fire had run through since the last time I was here, and there were a lot more people.  Yellowstone seemed much less crowded.  It made me a little sad, since I wanted Randy to like it, and he didn't enjoy the crowds either.  And the moose was gone by the time Randy could get there.  :(    (BTW - that photo with Evan's entry is zoomed in 125% or something.)  At any rate, we've got a lovely little hotel room and I'm going to catch up on some Zs.  With any luck, tomorrow = OREGON!