Friday, July 11, 2008

Evan, July 11

Last night the pool was fun - the first thing I did (Allison dared me to) was go on the slide.  And I did.  I sat up at first but then it got boring and so then I went laying down and then that got boring, and then I went backwards on my tummy.  And that wasn’t boring.  I kept on getting jerked around.  And then we had to leave because it closed.  This morning we woke up, and when I woke up the TV was on the weather.  And it said we might have a T-storm.  Dad turned the TV off and we went to breakfast.  I had waffles - they were good.  Especially the syrup, and the donughts and the poppyseed muffin and the orange juice.  

And then we left for uh, I don’t know where.  We went for awhile until we came to Lake Superior and then I put my feet in - it was super cold!  When we stopped for lunch we jumped around and chased butterflies.  I caught two at the same time, and I kept on catching them again, until we had to jump in the car.  Then we went to the gas station.  Then we got some gas and I washed five windows.  When we were doing that mom asked for where the nearest PetCo is.  Then we went to another place and we asked them where the PetCo was and they gave us better directions and so went there and got Willy some puppy food and then we looked at all the animals in the PetCo.  It was fun.  And then we left.  We drove to an ice cream shop in the middle of nowhere and got ice cream.  It was fun.  Then we left the ice cream place.  For some reason Emily ate all her ice cream first.  Then we saw a whole bunch of lightning and the news reporter kept on announcing about a thunderstorm that we weren’t even going to go through that was very severe with hail the size of a quarter.  But we didn’t even see that. 

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