Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Emily, July 15

Last night we stayed in Oregon.  And swam in the pool.  And when we came back Mom tried to take a picture of us naked, but all she got was a picture of Dad.  And we were all trying to hide by the door.  It was funny.  

Today we got up and I was the last one to get up and then we we drove for a really long time and then I played on the Gameboy and I had to pass it back to Allison so she could play on  the Gameboy and then I got another turn on the Gameboy.  And then we stopped and we had a bathroom break.  I saw a Dairy Queen, actually I saw two.  And I saw the snow mountains, and cows and horses and a whole bunch of trees.  And a rock jumped up on our window.  I thought it was a balloon popping.  It made a giant mark.  And we’re almost home, and I’m excited - I don’t know why, I just am.  And that’s all.

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