Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mom, July 15

Day 9:  Ontario OR to Home.  For our route - we took Hwy 20 west out of Ontario, then at Riley we took Hwy 395 south until it intersected County road 5-14 and headed west through Christmas Valley.  We had to jog around a little on County road 5-10 until we hit Hwy 31 N, which met up with Hwy 97 S.  After that, the Crescent cut-off to Hwy 58 and home. 
Yes, we are home - finally.  And in quite a few ways, I'm going to miss being on the road.    It was lovely to sleep in my own bed last night though - I won't miss hotel beds!  I will miss the ice cream every day, but I think I need to be getting more exercise before I start that again - I gained 10 pounds over this vacation.   :)    Over all, a great trip, and it has given us lots of places to want to visit for longer.
So, the stats:
Van, fully loaded....5500 pounds
Miles driven....7,141
Tanks of gas...23
Average mileage....19.3 mpg

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