Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dad, June 23

Yesterday the scenery started taking a backseat to wildlife.  Sorry, no fraternities around that I could see.  Wildlife that I am referring to is those things in nature that move on their own.  Hiding for them was a challenge as there is nary a bush or tree to be found.  Started the day in Billings, Montana and ended in Chamberlain, South Dakota.  We saw lots and lots of antelope, a few buffalo, the odd deer, and for birds we saw lots of different kinds.  

I guess where I was most impressed was insects on the windshield and other parts of the vehicle.  Especially the last hour or so last night.  It was like a steady rain on the windshield but it was small bugs.  Those skweegees at gas stations become imminently important!  Unfortunately in Lame Deer, MT yesterday we have bug guts in abundance and the station...the only one and we were low...was creepy and lacking in service.  It was on a reservation and meth is pretty popular.      

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