Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mom, June 23

Yesterday, started in Billings, waited too long for coffee (for Randy) and took I-90 east to Hwy 212, into Wyoming and then South Dakota, where we caught I-90 again, after a little jog on Hwy 34.   We stopped at Wall Drug, then took loop 240 through the Badlands at the speed of light in order to make it to the visitor center before it closed.  I almost ran us out of gas but was saved by a Shell station in Belvedere or something.  

We found a Holiday Inn Express for the night, and the mosquitos are plentiful.  It sounded like it was raining as we drove in the twilight.  I'd feel bad for the little buggers, but enough of them survived to bite me several times this morning.

Evan was too tired to blog last night.  Allison has a headache.

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