Saturday, June 21, 2008

Evan 6.21.08


for only one minute.  But it really wasn’t a tornado, but it had a lot of wind.

I borrowed a game-boy from Quinten where we stayed the night last night.  And I played Scooby-doo and Gumby.  Gumby is hard.  you’ve got to jump on monsters until they stop.  Well, really they’re just astrobots.  But scooby doo is fun - you get to walk around and hide from ghosts in a science guy’s museum.  

Yesterday we all went to a park.  The park was big with a very very steep slide.  Today we saw cows cows cows and more cows.  And a lot of hay.  When we see hay we scream ‘HEY!”  We stayed in the desert half the day.  It had red rocks, deer, antelope and all kinds of animals.  Especially ground squirrels.  But we didn’t see any antelope.  If we did, Dad would give us a dollar.

We made it to Pocatello tonight.  It felt like too much driving.  I will write captions for the pictures.  

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