Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Almost Time to Leave!

So we have been packing and shopping and planning...not in that order. In planning this trip, we have spent HOURS poring over maps, weighing carefully one route over another, analyzing possibilities and loading routes on AAA's Triptik website. Getting around Chicago and those damned Great Lakes has proved to be a challenge. We want to avoid the traffic of the windy city while at the same time get across in reasonable time. There are many wants and needs in the pursuit of a happy road trip. We have tooled around, gone online and called around. Among our purchases are a laptop computer, Thule roof racks, a dog seatbelt thing, car wax, notebooks, games, dog tent, various electronic chargers, first aid supplies for man & beast, candy, gum, birth certificates, doggie health certificates and I am sure there is more. We have borrowed a voluminous Yakima box and bike rack, car booster seat and a big-assed tent. We got the van a 'needed' 40k service and new wipers all around. Now with a few days until we leave, the house is riddled with piles of all that needs to somehow be organized and settled in our van. That is the hard part! I am ready to throw it all in wherever it can and go. Whatever we forget we can buy on the road somewhere. Of course I hate when items are forgotten and wonder how could this happen??? The old lady is much better in this regard. She has lists all over and piles all over. We leave Eugene Friday afternoon and I imagine we will be jamming it all in beginning Friday morning.

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