Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Evan, June 24

Yesterday we were in South Dakota.  We went to Wall Drug there was a giant dinosaur it was loud.  There was a lot of signs about wall drug, and it annoyed Allison when mom read the signs.  Then we went to the Badlands. It was made of sandstone.  We got to climb the rocks and also we almost ran out of gas but, we found a gas station in a creepy fairy tale land.

Today we watched yogi bear.  It was fun. Yogi bear stole picnic baskets from the ranger in Jellystone.  Before that we went to a park and kicked the soccer ball around and went to a river.  And Willy ran around like a lunatic.  And that’s really all.

And today we went to Dairy Queen - me and Allison got root beer floats, and Emiliy got a swirl cone and mom and dad got giant blizzards and we got to eat the rest that they didn’t want.  Tonight we are going to Madison to spend the night at our cousins’ house.  I can’t wait to see them!

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