Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mom, June 22

In an attempt to make sense of the blog here, Evan is writing his entries by himself.  I am transcribing what Emily tells me (And I do prompt her once in a while, or they would be really short and extremely off-topic.)  Allison is old-fashioned, and is keeping a written journal.  The entries in general have been sparse because we're still trying to figure all this out, as well as the fact that Randy starts feeling green if he tries to type while in a moving vehicle.  I haven't really felt very chatty.   Not to mention that we've been driving until about 9:30 or 10 at night.  

Our trip so far:

Day 1:  Eugene (after school) to Bend, stayed with kind friends who put us up.  Thanks!
Day 2:  Bend to Pocatello ID, mostly on Hwy 26, and I-84.  Stayed at a rather nasty Ramada.
Day 3:  Pocatello to Billings, MT.  I-15 to Hwy 26, then north on 89/191 through Teton and Yellowstone Parks.  We were going to stay in Livingston, MT, but there was a State of Montana Veterinary Convention at the dog-friendly hotel.  So we're at a Comfort Inn in Billings instead.

Thanks for the encouragement, and I'll try to at least keep making sense out of the kids' posts.  Hopefully, you'll be getting a postcard soon, but you're on your own with those.  

One thing I thought was funny.  Emily sent a postcard from Eastern Oregon to Nana (in Massachusetts) saying "We're almost there!'.  Wishful thinking.  

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Phillip said...

Meanwhile, back in Eugene...

I let Mae out, then I went back later and let her in again. Next time, she wouldn't go out because she was hungry. So I fed her.
Later I let her out followed by me letting her in again.

On Friday right after you left a guy was resting on our alley wall, then he lay on your lawn. I told him I'd give him ten minutes more, and when he left he should pick up his empty can and plastic trash.
Emily and I returned from an errand a bit later and he was just going further up the alley, but his trash was still there. I reprimanded him from the van and I think Matthew, who was working in the yard, was taken aback by my anger. The guy's excuse was that he didn't have a good spot on his bike for the empty can.
No more sympathy...

All is well!

Tell Evan to keep us updated on his blisters. This could be the story of the trip.

Keep the rubber on the road.