Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Emily, June 25

Today I sat for about two hours and it was really boring.  And we stopped finally and I found a port-a-potty and it had a juice box on the floor; an Elmo juice box.  I did definitely not taste it.  I got to see my cousins in the morning, and me and my cousin Joshie were pretending we were ghosts.  Woooo.  Wooooooooooo.  Woooooooooooooo.  And my little cousin Ryan played with a little thingy-clock.  

At lunchtime I had macaroni and cheese in these little case things.  And they were really good and I gave my mom a bite.  And I had french fries with it.  And my mom spilled her water on my dad’s sandwich.  And it was really funny.  Daddy didn’t think it was funny - he wanted to clean it up right away.  And I think he wanted to get a new sandwich.  And I got some lemonade, and so did my brother and sister.  But my mom and dad didn’t.  

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